Urban Shadows: Final Love Letters

Now to prep for the final session of my Urban Shadows game with some love letters that will hopefully bring most of the plot threads to a place where we can conclude them.

Our protagonists:

  • Anders, the Wolf is a supernatural vigilante. By day a day trader, at night he turns into a barely controlled killing machine. His territory is plagued by bizarre disappearances. Recently he’s noticed some criminal gangs moving in.
  • Alfred O’Malley became a Tainted through a deal that temporarily made him mayor of the city. Now forgotten by everyone, including his own family, he seeks work his way free of his “patron” Mephisto. Now a young upstart named Akiva is trying to take his job.
  • Sam the Veteran used be a mystical hero until he got to old, way too old. Now he runs a bar. Deep beneath it however, his old workshop holds powerful secrets.

Final Love Letters


You’ve got a lot on your plate. Akiva is trying to undermine you. You still need to find the thing that possessed Leon to complete a deal with the Collector. And you owe Mephisto a lot of debts. You need to eliminate or enact revenge on the mage Vasquez, Percy and Christine for the ghosts (and work off those debts). Roll +Power. On a hit you know where Vasquez is and get there first. On a miss you arrive a little late. On a 10+ you also know where another mage lives, pick which one.

Mephisto also asked for your daughter’s soul. Akiva is after it too. You could send Lukas Silva to take her to a safe place for you or have him stall Akiva to buy you time. Which do you choose?


There are monster hunters out there. Criminal monster hunters. And you went full werewolf in public recently. Roll +Blood. On a hit you get a heads up on trouble coming your way. Mark Wild. On a 10+ get +1 on your next roll.
Then roll +Mind. Something bites you. On 10+ you grab it before it can deliver its poison. On a 7-9 you either grab it intact after it fully poisons you or smash it to useless paste and only suffer a -1 forward. On a miss it poisons you, you choose if you kill it.


You just finished the ritual. The city is safe again. But you have a lot of drained psychics at the bar. Vasquez demands you protect him until he can regain his strength (you owe him a debt for his help). Then your surveillance system goes a little crazy as if it were hit with a mystical earthquake (which it was). Several psychics mumbles that the eye has opened, whatever that means.

A half-dozen ghosts manifest outside. Roll +Night or +Mind (your choice) and mark Night. You recognize some monster hunters and occultists from several decades ago. You were once allies. Name one or more of them. On a hit, they still consider you a friend and treat you as such. On a 7-9 you owe them a debt. On a miss they hold you responsible in some way for their deaths.

They heft spectral weapons and move toward the bar and Vasquez.