Campaign Pitch: Dracula Unredacted

A final potential game for 2017. Dracula Unredacted revisits Night’s Black Agents and makes use of the massive campaign I helped kickstart. Rather than use one of the options outlined in the book, I intend to make my vampires more psychological. Think of Dracula and his cults more like Tyler Durden and his Fight Club.

Dracula Unredacted

It isn’t just a story.
Now that you know, you see the Un-Dead everywhere.
In the streets.
Controlling your government.
In your dreams.
Stalking those closest to you.
They don’t appear on electronic cameras.
So you can’t be sure why you hear footsteps behind you.

You are elite espionage agents, burned by or estranged from your agencies. You work freelance, doing illegal spy work to get by.

Someone hired you safeguard their secret research into vampires and that mission ended with a blood splattered first copy of Dracula in your hands. The version that British Intelligence redacted before Stroker could publish it.

Dracula actually exists.

Now those who kept the secret intend to kill you or worse. A shadowy cabal within the British government seeks to use him as an asset. Other governments want what you know and don’t intend to ask nicely. Dracula and his minions seem obsessed with you.

You must eliminate him and his network of satanic cults and murderous madmen if you ever want to be free.

System: Night’s Black Agents using the material from the Dracula Dossier

Inspirations: Dracula (obviously), Fight Club, Taken, Bourne Series, Oculus


  • Paranoia: anyone could be a minion of Dracula or his next target.
  • Madness: the Un-Dead appear and disappear at will. They pass through solid earth. They don’t appear on film or mirrors. Can you trust your senses?

The major twist of this game would be that vampires exist as only as figments of the mind. Figments that can spread via text and conversation. Dracula recruits cultists to act for him but can interact directly with those who believe him. Like the PCs.