Campaign Pitch: For Liberty and the Homeland

As I work out the details of raising two kids, I also find myself needing to pitch a new game to my local group. The first of my ideas revolves around a popular movie I saw recently and an old idea to run a successful revolution in some detail.

The Liberation

Elevator Pitch: Swashbuckling heroes in a fantasy version of 17th century Europe seek to free a small kingdom from an oppressive major power.

The time for revolution is now. The harsh overlords who stole your land’s independence so many years ago now find themselves distracted and weak.You and other rebels see an opportunity. If the governor can be thwarted, influential and talented political prisoners freed, and the army’s plans sabotaged, your homeland might once again be free.

Setting & System: 7th Sea. This game of swashbuckling adventure is set in a fantasy version of Europe (Thea), taking the most exciting bits from the 16th through 18th century: musketeer France (Montaigne), inquisitorial Spain (Castille), fairy queen ruled England (Avalon), and so on.

As a group we will collaboratively create a former kingdom or city-state nestled between two or more of the great nations of the age. What was it called? Who are its people? What is the terrain like? How was it conquered so many years (decades? centuries?) ago?

Character creation will use the standard 7th sea rules, though characters whose backgrounds fit within one of the bordering countries are encouraged (since the nation you are attempting to liberate share those traits). Those PCs from elsewhere could be mercenaries and ideological allies seeking to liberate the nation for their own reasons.

Adventures: Following orders (at least initially) from the leaders of the revolution, the PCs steal battle plans, destroy or raid weapons depots, rescue captive revolutionaries, guard or conduct diplomatic missions, and so on.

I am intrigued by the 2nd edition’s experience system and I want to see how well it plays. It might make a good alternative to the Chronicle of Darkness Aspiration system which I feel can get a bit muddy and ineffective.

Additionally I want a high action but simple style of combat which 7th Sea seems to promise.

Inspirations: Rogue One and parts of Final Fantasy 6.

My original idea for this game was to use a variant of the setting for D&D’s Spelljammer. I have been fiddling with that setting on and off for a couple of years now. My setting currently lacks a story and system to go with it and I thought this would be a good match.

Unfortunately it would mean a lot more work for me adapt the system (mostly for the magic and dueling schools) and feels too close to my original inspirations.

Plus I want to do less prep.