Heartland Orphans: the Index

Filler week while my Demon: the Descent game recovers from the addition of a baby. This time I’m collecting all of the relevant links for my Vampire: the Requiem chronicle Heartland Orphans.

Heartland Orphans

Thoughts and Preparation

  • Session 0: the pitch and the players who answered the call.
  • Retrospective: final thoughts and lessons learned.

The Log

  • Shadows Gather: trouble begins as the Strix target the powerful vampires of the region.
  • Red Words: a sire vanishes and the blood hunt begins for a sibling.
  • Dark Dreams: the vampires are drawn into a strange realm of dreams and shadows.
  • Blood Magic: the lair of the Witch is uncovered and her goal begins to reveal itself.
  • Bargaining Chips: the Strix hold a sire and offer to return him for a potent artifact.
  • The Nightmare Continues: a return to the nightmare realm where a deal is offered and a mentor rescued.
  • Encounters: car chases, immolation, and diablerie!
  • Pacts and Promises: desperate deals are made to stop the Inverted Lord’s plans.
  • The Finale: a showdown with the Inverted Lord and the bloody aftermath.

The Opposition

  • History: the history of a flock of Strix created from the shards of an ancient vampire and primordial magic.
  • The Nightmare Realm: a tour of the shared dreamspace of this strange family of Strix.
  • Jane: she only seeks a friend. Unfortunately her family sucks.
  • The Beast: a Strix that sees itself as the friend of the monster within every Kindred.
  • The Bird of Ill-Omen: aloof and uncaring, it seeks to observe acts of God like earthquakes and tornadoes.
  • The Inverted Lord: this twisted shadow of the Ventrue desires supremacy.
  • The Twins: two Strix bound together as living reflections of each other.
  • The Witch: a mystic seeking to find its lost mother/goddess.