String Theory: a Night’s Black Agents campaign

Taking a break this week from the Undeath of History to collect all of the material from my Night’s Black Agents campaign in one place.



  • The Pitch: the original ideas for the game that I relayed to my players.


  1. (S)Entries: the team is hired to retrieve a laptop. Then everything goes sideways.
  2. The Call: on the run, the agents get an offer from the Lisky Bratva.
  3. Post-Mortem: the agents split up and escape their pursuers but not before encountering a dangerous foe on a boat.
  4. The Red Eagle: the team interrogate a mob boss and defeat a werewolf agent.
  5. Operation Rollup: the agents end a human trafficking ring and blow up a mob boss. This ends the (S)Entries section of the game.
  6. Tracking Control: the team gathers intel on the source of the werewolves sent after them.
  7. The Heist: the agents rob a bank and get more than they bargained for.
  8. The Escape: the team evade the authorities and decide to find out Philby’s secret from his old handler.
  9. Out of the House of Ashes: the agents escape an embassy, avoid an ambush and make a vital ally.
  10. The Blood Opera: The team extracts a former Soviet spymaster and face a vampire in single combat for the first time.
  11. Storming the Castle: the agents end Project Werewolf for good.
  12. Treason in Blood: the PCs obtain vital clues to the conspiracy’s plan and the Third Party reveals itself.
  13. Old Ghosts: the climax of the Zalozhniy Quartet section of the campaign. Explosions, close encounters with vampires and being thrown off skyscrapers.
  14. Way Too Much Heat: now international hunted terrorists, the agents flee the Middle East and attempt to avoid retaliation by a desperate Conspiracy.
  15. The Big Bang: The team uncovers the source of the Conspiracy and using a new superweapon attempts to destroy it.


Project Werewolf

Final Thoughts