Sample Sanctum: Logos Computing

Not all modern-day wizards live in grim old buildings surrounded by ancient occult tomes. Many appreciate the modern conveniences. The willworkers of Logos Computing take it a step farther, using magic to find optimal solutions to mundane problems. With the money from their consulting fees, they’ve finances an opulent office in one of the local high rises.

Cabal Details

Both the company and the cabal use the symbol of a book with a line of binary flowing out of it. They often shorten this to a styled icon: a rhombus on top of a square with three or four ones and zeros emerging from between them.


As one might expect the mages are very interested in the intersection of magic and technology and many belong to the order known as the Free Council. They also help fledgling mages learn the basics of magic and wizardly society. Despite their best efforts however, they rarely succeed in recruiting them to their cause.

Logos Computing

Attributes: Security (or Safe Place) 3, Hallow 2, Library 5
Ward: Potency 10
Gauntlet: 5 (-3 penalty)
Computer: monitored by a capable sysadmin with a pool of 10. 8 successes are needed to breach security.

Logos Computing Inc. occupies the top two floors of a renovated office building in the downtown area. Frosted glass partitions divide the spacious offices, each of which sport adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs as well as the latest computer accessories. An expensive security systems adds to the magical defenses to ward off scrying and spirits.

The lower floor is given over to offices, a meeting room, a well stocked kitchen and reception area. Dara usually covers the front desk.

The real work happens on the second level. Here the server room hums with the latest tech, collecting Mana from the Hallow and power from an intersection of ley lines. A large room has been set aside for ceremonial magic such as summonings. A very secure storeroom for books on their way to being digitized also is located her. A couple bedrooms also occupy this floor even though the members of Logos maintain separate quarters elsewhere in the city.

Dara Silverstein

Concept: Wiccan Secretary

Background: Dara grew up in a small town with a pair of ex-hippy parents. They gave her a lot of freedom growing up. Perhaps too much. After many bad choices throughout her high school years, Dara was glad to move away to college and get a fresh start.

There she fell in with a local Wiccan group. She distanced herself from the wild girl she sued to be and focused on the mysticism. By junior year, she had begun to doubt that magic was real. Then her friend Awakened.

Mary reminded Dara of her younger self, even if the towering woman was far more confrontational. When their ‘leader’ decided to chew her out for messing up a ceremony, Mary got a strange look and suddenly glowing bees were swarming everyone.

The next day Dara was surprised when the others seemed to forget the incident. Only Mary recalled what really happened and was almost as confused as she was.

The two stuck together and when Mary (now Verbina) joined Logos, she went with her. In some ways she clings to her old friend for assurance that she isn’t crazy. She secretly believes her to be blessed by the gods.

Description: This sweet young woman keeps a large collection of professional clothes, favoring greens and browns. Short and heavy, she keeps her long brown hair up while she focuses on scheduling the team’s activities both mundane and magical.

GM notes: Dara tends to fade into the background, especially around her old friend. She tries to show warmth to the neophyte mages that the cabal mentors, baking cookies and showing them around. The only fierceness she shows is when Verbina’s actions or words are questioned.

Attributes: Mental 5, Physical 3, Social 5
Willpower: 4        Morality: 7
Virtue: Faith         Vice: Sloth
Initiative: 4           Defense: 2
Speed: 9                  Health: 7